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CC&R's and By-Laws
The Village Association is governed by the following Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's) and By-Laws.
These are legal documents, and convey regulations much like the statutes and policies of the City or County, and are enforceable under the Planned Community Laws of the State of Oregon.

Resolutions, also legal documents, are intended to encapsulate all HOA policies, rules and regulations, in an organized way. This allows all subsequent Boards to see the progression of policy formation and apply the Resolutions in an ongoing consistent manner.
Rules, regulations etc. can be amended by the majority vote of the sitting Board of Directors.

CCR's can only be amended through a 75% majority of Members.
By-Laws can be amended by a quorum consensus by the sitting Board, or by a quorum of the voting Membership.

The Neighborhood Design Review Committee (NDRC) can establish guidlines that are enforcable under the Planned Community Law of Oregon.

Copies of all documents and Resolutions can be obtained by contacting any of the current Board Members by email or in writing.

Please mail request to The Village
at Skyliner Summit HOA
c/o Cascadia Management, Inc.
805 SW Industrial Way, Ste 9,Bend, OR 97702

The Board's responsibility is to enforce all the legal documents related to the Association.

On January 1, 2013, Cascadia Management, Inc. began the enforcement and administrative duites, at the direction of the Village HOA Board of Directors.

Cascadia Management, Inc. will be your contact for all CCR, Rules/Reg violations.
Phone: 541-617-3863 or email

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CC&R's - 1: Planned Community Subdivision Declaration of CC&R's June 28, 2001 The "original" Declaration (word.doc)
CC&R's - 2. First Ammendment to CC&R's  
September 12, 2001 Signed Amendment (.pdf file)
CC&R's - 2. Supplemental Declaration of CC&R's  
September 12, 2002 Annexed Property Declaration (.pdf file)
Homeowners' Association By-Laws  
By-Laws for Homeowner's Association (.pdf file)
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If the .pdf file doesn't automatically open, do the following:
1) Right click and select "Save Target As...".
2) Select a destination, such as your Desktop, and click "Save".
3) When download is complete, click "Open".

The file will open in Acrobat Reader.
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The Village...
A Special Place to Live.
The Board of Directors is committed to applying the Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions in a fair and amicable manner.

To LANDLORDS: please be sure to give your tenants and guests a full description of the rules and regulations of this Community.
Click on Rules and Regulations for Additional Information.