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Village Management
The Village at Skyliner Summit at Broken Top has By-Laws and CC&Rs, which are legally enforced by the Board of Directors. The all-volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected officials of the Association, are charged with the administration of the Association.

On January 1, 2013, the day to day duties of running the association were assigned to Cascadia Management, Inc.

The Association oversight remains the responsibility of the Board that, in turn, provides direction to Cascadia Management,Inc.
The Board is always responsible for all policies within the HOA.

The 2013 Assessment has been set at $98 per annum, for each Lot.

There is a SEPARATE assessment of $320 for the Master Association of Skyliner Summit at Broken Top ( which manages the central private park on Flagline Drive, and the perimeter common areas, walking paths, etc of the Skyliner neighborhoods). Assessments are due on in January, each year.
Please be sure to send your annual assessment in early, so as to avoid late charges that are assessed monthly thereafter (Resolution and ByLaws).
Additionally,the Association has the right to charge an additional 12% per annum on all unpaid balances, per CCR's.

Village HOA Management includes the maintenance of the Village park, only. This is the southerly private park...it is not open to the general public.
The horse-shoe park on Flagline is managed by the Master Association. This is also a private park, but it is difficult to monitor its use by people who live outside Skyliner Summit. The Master Association also takes care of all the perimeter Common Areas, and trails within the Skyliner area.
The Bend Park and Rec department has an arrangement with Skyliner Summit regarding the trail system.

The City of Bend is repsonsible for the maintenance on our streets and alleys. The City handles snow removal on our streets, but cannot move their equipment on our alleyways. Accordingly, the Village HOA handles snow removal in our alleyways.

Please contact the City of Bend Roads Department at 541-388-6581 for any maintenance related to these areas. The same applies to any concerns related to snow removal.

Municipal rules and regulations apply to the Village streets and alleys. All municipal codes are enforceable by the Association's Rules and Regulations. The HOA is a sub-governmental body and must adhere to all higher codes, laws, restrictions, etc., and may enforce all municipal ordinances above through the RULES and REGS of the HOA.

CC&R's and By-Laws
The Village Association is governed by By-Laws and CC&Rs. Copies can be found by clicking the Link below. The Board's duty is simply to enforce these documents, with the assistance of professional management.

Village CC&R's and By-Laws  
If you have any questions related to a Violation Courtesy Notice, please contact Cascadia Management, Inc. at 541 - 598-7662;

The Board of Directors can be reached through Cascadia Management's office: 805 SW Industrial Way, Ste 9,
Bend, OR 97702
All questions, complaints and concerns should be made in writing so as to be put on the Board Meeting agenda for handling.

To report a problem in the neighborhood, violation of the CCR's etc., or other administrative
items, please call Cascadia Management, at 541 - 617-3863
or you may e-mail Jim Prehoda at jim@mycascadia.com

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Village HOA Board of Directors,
c/o Cascadia Management, Inc.

Jim Prehoda, jim@mycascadia.com

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Neighborhood Design Review (NDRC)
Send requests for approval to Christina Hansen at Cascadia Management, Inc. :
805 SW Industrial Way, Suite 9,
Bend, OR 97702

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Association Fees and Assessments: Please send to Cascadia Management Inc.

City Management Services:

Regular City Streets - Snow Removal

Our Neighborhood Alley snow removal is privately contracted thru Cascadia Management, Inc. 541-617-3863

Nuisance Complaints 541-312-4908

Graffiti Reporting 541-312-7973

Dog Control 541-693-6911

Noise complaints (barking, rowdiness)